A Deep Dive on Coronavirus | A Second Opinion Podcast

A Deep Dive on Coronavirus: Outbreak Tracker and Additional Resources


Former CDC Director Tom Frieden – an infectious disease and global pandemic expert – joins Senator Frist for a special update on the coronavirus crisis and how we can prepare for COVID19 here at home.

Dr. Frieden tells ASO listeners, “This is not stoppable. This is going to spread to many countries, for many months or even potentially years.” Listen HERE now.

For a deeper dive on some of the issues Dr. Frieden raises on the podcast, read his recent publications on the coronavirus epidemic below, and click here to learn more about his work leading the Resolve to Save Lives initiative.

For the latest figures on the spread of the virus globally, visit the John Hopkins COVID19 tracker.

Additional resources:

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  • Tom Frieden, MD, “New study an eye-opener on how coronavirus is spreading and how little we know,” com, 2/8/20
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