Bipartisan Policy Center Releases COVID-19 Recommendations | A Second Opinion Podcast

Bipartisan Policy Center Releases COVID-19 Recommendations

Today we’re sharing with you a special bonus episode.  As the nation faces mounting COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccine delays and shortages, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Future of Health Care Initiative released a new report with a set of urgent actions for the administration and Congress that would bolster the federal response to the pandemic.

The BPC is a Washington, DC-based think tank that works with both Republicans and Democrats to find bipartisan solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems.  Together with my friends former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and former Medicare & Medicaid Administrator Dr. Gail Wilensky, we co-chair a group of 14 of the nation’s leading health experts, who have over the past six months developed these recommendations.

Today I’m sharing with you our six key recommendations for immediate action.  And while we are pleased that many of our recommendations align with the Biden administration’s COVID-19 national strategy, BPC’s report offers additional details that are important to implementing an effective, immediate response.

Report: “COVID-19: Urgent Federal Actions to Accelerate America’s Response”: