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Jason Gorevic on the Virtual Care Revolution

CEO of Teladoc Health on the Virtual Care Revolution and Doing the Largest Digital Health Deal in a Pandemic

Jason Gorevic, CEO of the global virtual healthcare leader Teladoc Health, joins Senator Frist on our latest podcast.  2020 was a monumental year for Teladoc as demand for telehealth exploded in the midst of the pandemic.  Jason shares the behind-the-scenes story of how he and his team navigated this rapid growth while meeting critical health care needs, which “shown a light on the value of virtual care in the overall healthcare system … [and] has changed the way medicine will be delivered forever.”

Jason also details the unbelievable story of how he “leaned in and did the biggest digital health deal ever in the middle of a pandemic” with a team he’d never actually been in the same room with.

There was a time when Teladoc was a “tiny little company” with $4 million in revenue, with many in the industry saying, “telemedicine is all promise and no reality.”  Now, at $2 billion in revenue, Jason and the team at Teladoc Health are proving skeptics wrong and transforming care delivery globally.

Senator Frist on Jason: “I’ve worked closely now with Jason as a member of the Teladoc board for seven years, and I’m constantly inspired by his vision, his leadership, and how he’s transformed a near start-up to a billion-dollar global enterprise.  He is truly rethinking American health.”

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